You're Gonna Fuck Up... And That's OK.

You're Gonna Fuck Up... And That's OK.

You’re gonna fuck up.

You’re gonna trip. 

You’re gonna stumble. 

It’s important that you know that going into life. 

This morning I got up, went into the kitchen to start making coffee, and had an important email I needed to address (saw it last night. Planned it this AM) and...

I fell asleep. 

Read the email. Woke up 45 mins later feeling like someone tried to rip my head off. You know when you fall asleep in a weird position with zero support for your head? That happened.

What did I do? 

Stretched my neck, woke the laptop back up and finished the email and made coffee. 

The other day I had an employee make a mistake. Accidentally sent a text instead of taking a note in their file. 

Panic set in, and they messaged me. “What do I do!?”

Apologize and go on about your day, and it’s nowhere near as bad as when my manager wrote someone’s as a bitch in the account and they saw it, and no where near as bad as some of the dumb shit I’ve done. 

The point I’m trying to make is this, it’s OK to make mistakes. 

Making mistakes is just part of the game. 

When I was playing football in high school, I was on a kick off. I was 100% ready to fucking KILL the returner.

Eyes locked on, full sprint, ready to kill and…. WHAM

Fucking earholed by someone going the other way. 

I made a mistake not looking upfield and I got blindsided. Im sure I was put on a fucking highlight reel for that guy but what happened next is the important part.

I literally bounced off the ground after doing a flip and was immediately back to my feet and I didn’t make the tackle, but I was in on it. 

I had two options.

Sit the rest of the play out because I got put on my ass or get up and finish making the fucking play.

If you want to keep playing the game, you have to get up off your ass and finish the play. That's where life is a lot like football. Your goal is to win the Super Bowl or the equivalent to that right? No one ever sets out like “Hey I want to win a couple games this season!!!” No matter how shitty a team is, they never play to lose. Life is the same way.

There hasn’t been an undefeated team in football since the 72 Dolphins, and I doubt I will see another one in my lifetime. Just because you have a bad play, or lose a game, the season isn’t fucking over.

Fuck if you lose ALL the games, you have another season just around the corner.

You’re going to make mistakes. 

You’re going to have obstacles. 

You're going to lose.

How you react to these situations is completely up to you.

Own your mistakes, own your losses and turn them into wins.

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