Winning is a Daily Process.

Winning is a Daily Process.

I have been looking at winning wrong my entire life.

I grew up in athletics. Baseball, football, wrestling, MMA, and jujitsu and winning was measured with either a W or an L. It was outcome based.

But I didn’t really realize until very recently that winning is process-based.

No, I’m not saying, you win or you learn… That’s bullshit. You can absolutely lose.

Winning is done on the field, in the match, or during the fight.

Weddings are done every single day.

That’s where so many of us have made so many mistakes, focusing purely on the outcome, but what if you put that much attention to detail into the process?

What if at the end of every day or at the end of every task, you gave yourself a W or L?

How well did I execute this?

How prepared was I for this task?

How was my effort?

Did I give 100%?

I have always wondered yes we were to never focus on the outcome, just winning each and every task would we still be able to win?

I think so.

Nobody starts their season off, saying “I hope we barely make the playoffs!” Because everyone wants to win the Super Bowl, so I don’t they?

I think it comes down to winning the day.

Become so obsessed with the process of what the outcome is, you have so many W’s stacked up, when you look back, you can’t even see the L.

Focus on the process and the W will be there.


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