Taking out the trash

Taking out the trash

Do you feel like your life is surrounded by negativity, bullshit and constant stress?

I know the feeling. I spent a ton of time there. Arguing with fuckheads on Facebook, getting mad at the news, fighting with family members, going to gatherings I didn’t want to go to etc.

Remember when your girlfriend would come over in college or when you were living on your own you’d have to throw out all the empty pizza boxes, half eaten taco bell snack wraps and beer bottles?

Why did you do that?

You didn’t care when your buddies came over but you made an effort when your girl did right?

It’s because you wanted to be attractive to the right person.

You removed all the negative shit in your space to make it a more welcoming environment.

That’s what you need to do with your life FOR YOU!

Remove the trash from your life. The negative news, the political Facebook pages, the people who post them, and yes… that may even mean family. Yes! ESPECIALLY family.

After my last breakup I had to move home for a short while and I was in a shit mood because every morning I watched the news with my parents.

Wake up. Coffee. Negative news. Shit day. Argue with strangers. Sleep. Repeat.

I realized it one day on my way to the gym.

HOLY FUCK! I’m in a shit mood because 13 of the news stories in a row were negative bullshit.

So I stopped watching the news.

Then I started looking for other negative things in my life.

Unfollowed those pages on FB.

Unfollowed those friends too.

If they kept posting on my wall I blocked them.

This even included family members, people I was actually friends with, and still am.

Imagine you are Oscar here below.

You live in a trash can that only has so much room in it. Except in this life you get to choose what goes in your trashcan. 

You can choose to fill it with trash like negative people, Facebook posts that piss you off, and other things that upset you.


You can fill it up with positive things. people that want to see you win, positive Facebook posts, and things that benefit your growth as a human.

If I’m going to hang out with Oscar it’s because he lives in a trashcan not a trash can’t. 

Surround yourself with positivity and winners, and watch how much your life improves.

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