Success is Hard

Success is Hard

You notice how annoying road construction is?

Barrels everywhere.

Traffic for no reason.

Takes fucking forever.

We all do

But have you ever noticed how nice it is when it’s done!?

Probably not as often.

A lot of times we focus on the annoyances of the work more than the results.

Tracking your food.

Parking further back in the parking lot to get more steps in.

Reading the book instead of scrolling IG.

Buying the stock instead of the toy you want.

Tons of things like this each and everyday, but what if you visualized the results instead?

Don’t get upset about the food scale, visualize

your bathroom scale hitting your goal number.

Don’t get mad about walking the whole parking lot, visualize the leaner body you’ll have.

Don’t look at the book as boring, visualize you being able to implement whatever it is you read and your life improving.

Don’t be annoyed if you can’t buy your toy, think about being able to pay for 10 of them.

Life’s about choices, and we get to both choose the things we want to do and probably more importantly, the things we think.

Don’t let negative thoughts rule your day, instead visualize the results.

Success isn’t easy. 

It’s not supposed to be, because if it was, everyone would be successful.

I will tell you what success is though.

It's worth it.

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