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Small Business Chalenge Blog

I see all over Facebook this #smallbusinesschallenge…

3.3 million people have used that hashtag, but what does it really do?

IF ANYTHING it boosts your engagement, annoys people who get tagged who have business sense etc.

I’ve been tagged in probably 15-20 of them, and I’ll be honest… I haven't read the challenge details and if I haven’t already done business with them I’m not looking at a website with no description.

It really doesn’t help the small businesses, but here’s how you CAN!

Instead of posting the Small Business Challenge and letting whoever you tagged put their website or whatever up, do this.

Take one small business you love working with and write a public review.

Say you love a small business, You would post their Facebook tag like I did above, a picture of something that you love about them, a small description why and post their website. It would look like this.

I want to give a shout out to Rogue Combat Club! I’ve been training there since the very beginning, and watching them grow from a small dingy basement to this new massive facility has been unbelievable.

The coaches are amazing, the classes are great, the gym is clean and everyone is welcoming no matter who you are.

If you’re interested in changing your life, getting in better shape and having fun with amazing people check them out.


☝️☝️ Now THAT is a challenge I can get behind. When you do, tag me.

I wanna see if anyone actually does it.

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