What is up guys its your boy Johnny Buck! I know you heard from me for a while, but doesn’t mean I don’t love you guys or I’m not doing the work!

I have been back on it pretty consistently with podcast lately BUT theres been a big change!

The I Hate Johnny Buck show has made a BIG change to The Day Zero Podcast with Johnny Buck.

Feel free to keep “hating me” haha but this will be because you hate that I'm telling you the truth you don't want to hear.

So, here are the links to the podcasts for each of the platforms for you to listen and love to hate!


I used the Anchor app link it's easier to get you access to ALL of the listening locations without looking like spam.

Appreciate you guys and I look forward to having you as listeners and even guests!

If you’re interested please hit me up via email DayZeroPodcast@gmail.com 

Be sure to like/subscribe/give 5 stars all that good stuff.


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