Modern Man's Mindset

Modern Man's Mindset

This page is for breaking through the Modern Man’s Mindset. You are being challenged to find the good and stop looking for the negatives, asterisks, and bullshit excuses for everything you see. 

Rich people pay less taxes. 

-Good. You should try to too. 

Being broke isn’t that bad, and making more money isn’t going to help anyone. 

-Bullshit.  You know that’s a fucking lie. 

My jobs ok since it pays the bills and I get a 401k. 

-Retire at 67 die at 72. Enjoy being miserable til then. 

At least my relationship isn’t as bad as so and so’s

-I’m sure it’s “good enough”

If ANY of that is in your mindset, I challenge you to change that. Why the fuck do you want to be average?!? 

As a kid did you want to strive to be the one who “almost qualified for the Olympics?”

“Wanted to be the 24th best XYZ ever!!”

“Man I’m so excited for this weekend!!! I’m gonna get a participation trophy!” 

“I can’t wait to grow up and live in section 8 housing, driving a car older than me and live off the government!!!!” 

Being broke sucks. I’ve been there. There’s literally nothing beneficial of having less money. “What about taxes?!” I got hammered by them this year. I just stroked the IRS a $10k+ check. 

Money isn’t evil. It’s just a tool no different than a hammer or a gun. It’s how you use it. 

Constantly pursuing growth, progress or striving for more isn’t evil. If it were you’d still be breast feeding and shitting in diapers or reading picture books. 

Wanting more isn’t evil. The more you have the more you can do.

“jEFf BeZoS dOEs’T PaY TaxES”

Jeff Dropped 10 BILLION. FUCKING. DOLLARS to a single charity. Tell me a broke person doing that. Would YOU do more if you had more? 

If this is completely upsetting and against your values, or you kept looking for and mentally pointing out “well this could be wrong because of xyz” you have the EXACT mentality that is holding you back.  I’m not looking for an echo chamber, and if you’re 100% happy with your life, there’s no need to be reading this. You’ve got it all figured out.  

I do know one thing for a fucking FACT that hanging out with the wrong crowd with the wrong mindset will 100% keep you from succeeding. 


Have. Been. There. 

I hung out with broke, unambitious friends for years. Partying, selling drugs, running get rich quick scams, meaningless jobs etc. 

Now, the top 10 people I interact with are all successful entrepreneurs, hustlers, millionaires, multimillionaires, high level athletes, shakers and movers.  

THAT has been the second biggest change in my life.  I’ll touch on the first in a few. 

You’ve heard it before, and until I ACTUALLY DID IT, I didn’t believe it. 

If you hang out with 4 broke losers, you’ll be the 5th. You hang out with 4 millionaires, you’ll be the 5th. I am well on my way to being a millionaire, and it would be impossible with the old group of friends. 

You can fight it all you want, but you are the product of your environment. 

How else did you learn money was evil? 

How else did you learn rich people are scum bags? 

Where else would you learn to stop reaching for the stars and settle for average?! 

Someone taught you to think like that. You learned It from the people you surround yourself with. 

You know why millionaires usually have millionaire parents? 

It’s not because they got free money! If that was the case there would be way more millionaires from lotto winnings, athletes and musicians. Instead most of them go broke. 

Millionaire kids keep their millions because of their mindset, money education, and who they hang out with. 

“Johnny this is all about money!”

Yep. Just because that’s the easiest to talk about, but look around you. When you see one fat family member, are they usually the only one? 

What about in shape families?

What about friends? Let’s take genetics out of the equation. 

You are a product of your environment. It’s who you CHOOSE to be around and what you CHOOSE to do with your mindset. 

The worst thing you can be is like everybody else. 

The number 1 thing that changed my life is my mindset.


I shifted from being a victim, to being grateful for EVERYTHING that happened in my life. Not happened TO me.


That’s a victim's mindset. 

How can I be grateful for everything I have AND still want more? That’s a whole different discussion for a later time, but this lays out the mindset shift you MUST have to succeed. Look in the mirror. That’s the reason you are where you are today, and the only person who can save you.

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