Mistakes Don't Define you.

Mistakes Don't Define you.

12 years apart…


On the left, I was “celebrating” throwing a pizza in a guy's face… 90% he deserved it, but that’s not the whole of it.


12 years ago I was thrown out of an after party, stole a case of beer, got a pizza from a dude and then he said something along the lines of “I gave you that pizza so blah blah” no clue honestly. 

I looked at him with the pizza in my hand and hit him in the face with it.

So one more recap…

I acted like an asshole to get kicked out of a bar.

I stole a case of beer.

I assaulted a dude with a pizza.

I was a complete piece of shit… 

If one of my friends, employees or my future kids did that I’d lose my shit…

But I would love them just the same and we’d get past it.

So why is it that we beat ourselves up and can’t forgive ourselves?

Am I better than my friends who fuck up?

The thing is, we all make mistakes, and despite those events 


This isn’t even top 10 worst shit I’ve done but despite this stupid shit I did, I managed to learn from it (eventually) and grow from that experience and even laugh despite my shame.

I STILL struggle with this. Some days it's easy. 

Some Days I have a hard time looking in the mirror.

I just have to remember.. I’m not my mistakes, and despite the ones I’ve made, I will continue to make, I think I’m doing ok.

You will too. Remember… You can’t have good days without bad. 


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