Law of Attration

Law of Attration

I just wrote a letter of recommendation for a member at my gym and it got me thinking about who I’ve chosen to surround myself with over the years. 

He asked me to write a recommendation letter for his work and I did so without a single doubt of putting Rogue Combat Club and my name and the reputation behind him. I wrote..

“He has been an excellent teammate to our members, a leader to those around him and even when he is preparing for his own competitions, he puts his teammates' needs ahead of his own. 

I couldn't be more grateful to have the opportunity to share the mats with him” 

While all of these things are true, I haven’t always hung around people of this quality of character. I’ve hung out with drunks, losers, takers, and untrustworthy people for years and didn’t think much about it, but it didn’t always sit right. 

I knew better. I was raised better. I was better. 

I get shit all the time for admitting that I feel I’m better than other people, and I am. I genuinely don’t care if you agree or disagree, and I’m not saying those people can’t better themselves because that’s exactly what I had to do to be around better people. 

10 years ago I would only have been able to write this letter for 1-2 people in my life. 

5 years ago, I would only be able to write this letter for 6-8 people in my life. 

Today, if I can’t write this letter for you, you’re not welcome in my life. 

The law of attraction is basically you attract what you put out in life. When I was with losers, I was putting out loser vibes. When I decided to start acting in a manner of who I wanted to become, I started attracting better people. 

Just like in business, the fastest way to improve your life is to improve yourself. 

Try and fix one thing today. Just focus on one little area you can improve and you’ll be amazed how many people notice. Not just your friends who are holding you back, but those who aspire to be around.

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