"It's Lonely at the Top" is Bullshit

"It's Lonely at the Top" is Bullshit

“It’s lonely at the top” is Bullshit. 

There are plenty of people at “the top” just like there are plenty of people at the bottom. 

It’s lonely on the climb. 

At the bottom or where you are now, you have a group of friends and family you’re comfortable around. 

You do the same shit day in and day out. 

Get up in the AM. 

Make coffee 

Eat a bullshit breakfast. 

Drive to work. 

Sit at your desk. 

Talk about what you saw on Facebook at lunch. 

Eat something out of a greasy paper bag. 

Go back to work. 

Grab a few beers with your buddies at Applebee’s. 

Go home. 

Eat dinner in front of the tv. 

Watch Netflix. 


Go to bed. 


5 days of this. 

2 days of hanging out with the same crowd. 

Back to Monday morning. 

That’s never lonely. 

You’re lonely as fuck when you’re “sacrificing” (Read More Here) on the climb. 

When your buddies are at Applebee’s and you're at the coffee shop on your laptop planning working and hustling. 

You’re lonely when your coworkers get in the car to go to Hardee’s and you’re reading a book on business and eating chicken veggies and rice. 

You’re fucking lonely at the gym at 5am... until you’re not. 

What happens is as you’re climbing, you are between two populated areas. 

The first is where most people are. 

The second is where most people WANT to be. 

As you start your climb, you’re so far away from the top, they don’t see can’t from there, and your current company still can. This is when the crabs in the bucket effect happens. (Google it or I’ll explain in the comments later if you want.)

But as you climb, they don’t want to lose you, so they pull you down. 

They make fun of the nerd reading at lunch. 

They offer you French fries instead of rice. 

They give you shit for not blowing money at Applebee’s on drinks. 

But at 5am, the guys you’ve seen day in and day out see you. You’ve climbed the ladder for long enough, they know you’re coming. 

“Hey man, can you give me a spot?” And “whats your program look like?”

The other weird dude sees you at lunch everyday reading, and he recommends another book after you finish that one. 

As you get closer to the top, you’re going to see something you don’t believe after years of being crabs in a bucket. You see hands reaching down to pull you up, not claws reaching up to pull you down. 

It’s lonely at the top is what the fucking losers at the bottom say to keep you in the crab bucket. 

As usual, they don’t know shit. The climb is lonely, but god damn it’s with it.

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