How to get Rich in 3 Easy Steps

How to get Rich in 3 Easy Steps

Here is how you become a millionaire.

Step 1. Knowing you want to be a millionaire. 

Step 2. Create a Business

Step 3. Make $1 Million.

That’s it right?

Not even fucking close. 

Success is sexy, but getting there… it’s definitely not.

Side hustles, passive income and even entrepreneurship has built a ton of “sex appeal” lately and rightfully so.

Fast cash.

Fast success.

And it even delivers Instant gratification, which in this day and time is more sought after than ever and this is why the service industry  is SO fucking “sexy.”

Sleep till noon.

Get up.

Do whatever it is they do.

Go to work for a few hours.

Bitch about side work and how table 6 is taking too long.

Clock out.

Take home cash that night.

Immediately rewarded for the action you took.

This is the world we live in. These are the people talking about side hustles, passive income, and being rich, but what about 20 years from now?

Seeing your 24 year old friends in $80,000 cars when you’re working 9-5 sucks and you want it too… 

So you start your MLM or side hustle or whatever and in less than a week you made some money.

Then you make a little more money.

A little more money.

Then you get a pretty decent pace. You’re making $500/week.

That’s not bad money, and when I hit those numbers in my business that’s when things stopped growing.

Pulling in $500-$1000 a week is almost fucking idiot proof, but pulling in $500-1000 and hour is where the magic happens. 

In order to do that, you must work hard as fuck non stop and fuck people over and sell your soul to the devil!! 


No. Not at all. Not even fucking close.

You just need to know the 3 REAL steps to getting rich.

Step 1. Knowing what you want

Step 2. Figure out WHO is the kind of person capable of living the life you want.

Step 3. Is becoming that person. 

It’s really that simple…

But it isn’t easy. 

Over 70% of lotto winners go broke IN 5 YEARS OR LESS!!!


They hadn’t become the person capable of being a millionaire! 

I took my business from $110k to $240k in a year, but that's not enough to take it to $1 million.

I hadn’t built the foundational systems to take my business from 3-4 employees to 8-9.

I hadn’t built the systems to go from signing 10-12 members a month to 25-30.

And most importantly I wasn’t ready to lead the team I needed to pull $1 Million.

So yeah making an extra $1000/mo on a side hustle is almost idiot proof, but building a million dollar business isn’t just “working harder.”

There’s a lot to it, and there is not magic trick, Amazon Arbitrage or whatever the fucking MLM there is out there to make you a millionaire. 

If you want to be a millionaire, you have to become a person capable of being a millionaire. 

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Thank you, I love you, now go kill the day!

                      - Johnny Buck 

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