Harmony vs Balance

Harmony vs Balance

I have been a high level athlete.


I have made a bunch of money.


I have been a great partner and friend.


I have done all of these things to the very best of my ability but…


I’ve never done it at the same time.


There’s this lie or misunderstanding about work life balance that you should be able to do everything at your very best ability at all times.


You’re supposed to put 100% of you into everything you do at all times but you just fucking can’t.


When I was getting ready for worlds, my gym suffered.


When I was building my gym up, my relationships suffered.


When I was focused on my wife, my free time suffered.


When I focus on my health, everything suffers.


There is no such thing as balance, but there is Harmony.


I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m not beating myself up for not doing everything at my absolute best, but I am the absolute best I’ve ever been and the more reps I get keeping my life in harmony, the more capacity I have to put more into more buckets without draining myself.


The last week has been a huge focus business as I’m getting ready to head on a cruise. When I get back I’ll be putting a little more focus on my health.


Different seasons call for different focus and I’m glad I’m finally ok with that.


And yes... These are old pics. I’m not getting off the couch with my wife and mutt to take a new one.




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