Good things come to those who CAN wait.

Good things come to those who CAN wait.

I think the greatest mindsets or thought processes as an entrepreneur, athlete, or anyone who wants more out of life are simple… but not easy.

It’s delayed gratification and blissful dissatisfaction.

Delayed gratification is basically suffering now to live a life of luxury later.

For entrepreneurs it’s living like you’re in poverty even though you have a million in the bank or driving a shit car 5 years longer than you should.

For athletes, it’s disciplined days when everyone else is partying or eating fries and putting out the social media posts when you’re fucking exhausted from training.

The second part used to be gratitude, but I really didn’t like how that was twisted to turn into complacency.

The term I like to use, that I stole from Ed Mylett is Blissful Dissatisfaction. Basically happy where I’m at, but I’m not settling for where I am.

Complacency kills everything you love. Relationships, business, friendships, your health, everything.

Now by no means do I execute these perfectly. My car payment are nearly $2000 a month for all of my vehicles. When I first started making money, I bought a $1000 pistol even though I still had credit card debt.

What is helped me get through these fuck ups is keeping sight of what I really want down the road. Vision boards, riding it out, discussing it with people close to me, and having people hold me accountable.

One of the biggest things is I like to think about the people who look up to me watching me make every decision I make.

What would they think if they could see this?

What example is this setting?

Just those small adjustments have paid huge dividends.

By no means do I live like a monk, I’m not trying to “live a great life when I retire“ because I want to enjoy the time until then, but I am much more responsible with the decisions I make.

I know the work I do today pays off 10x tomorrow and 100x 10 years from now.

I love where I am, but I’m not settling. 

This small shift has made my life unbelievably better, and it’s worth a little discomfort here and there to live like a king tomorrow.

Did this hit home or open any ideas up for you?

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