Consistently Inconsistent

Consistently Inconsistent

What’s the last thing you have done to improve your life for at least 30 days in a row?


Health and fitness.


Working on your relationships.


Working on your business.




I personally have been one of the most “consistently inconsistent” people I’ve ever met.


That was me for a long time


Like 37 years.


I get fucking board… That’s all it is.


I always had seasons for sports, so I would work on something for a little while, the excitement stayed there, and then at the end of the season I was ready for something new.


I have never in my entire life outside of 75 hard done anything consistently


Except being inconsistent.


The last 45 days I have read my “Championship Legacy” at least once a day each and every day. I’ve missed one day in the past 75 days or so.


Imagine how good you would be.




Imagine how great you would be if you worked on something every single day.


One specific area of your life.


We all talk about ”1% better everyday” but how many of us actually execute it?


Not many.


I challenge you guys to do one thing every day for the rest of your life.


It doesn’t have to be run a marathon or anything crazy, but do something for your future you


Every. Fucking. Day.


My buddy Les Brannen does a 5k every morning. He’s done it for like a year.


I’m posting my list.




You’re gonna fail.


I’m sure “don’t eat like an asshole” you’ll be the first one I make a mistake on.


I actually guarantee it…


I’m going on a cruise in June. Last cruise I gained 18lbs haha


But… when you fail, fail forward.


Don’t eat like an asshole doesn’t get checked on Tuesday?


Make sure it does on Wednesday.


Consistency doesn’t have to be perfection.


It’s progress is never perfect.


So find something you want to improve in your life.


Work on it every day.


And when you fail, because it’s going to happen, don’t look at your failure.


Look how far you’ve come and more importantly, where you will be in 1000 days.


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