Who’s living your dream life?

Who’s living your dream life?

Everyone has a “dream life.”

Dream job. 

Dream body. 

Dream husband or wife. 

Dream life. 

We often see someone who “has” what we want, but why do they deserve to have the nice things you don’t?

It’s simple. 

The reason you don’t live the life you want to live is because you aren’t the person who is capable of living the life you want to live.

I’ve talked about this a decent bit a few times, but I want to explain it a little further for you guys.

Most people want to live a life of “passive income,” plenty of free time, and of course lots of money. I’m sure no one wants to look like a can of gravy that’s been dumped on the counter either so they want to be in shape too.

So why don’t they have it?

Well you’re not the person capable and most of the time not willing to do what it takes.

This is sort of where I am now. A lot of the things I want aren’t in reach because I’m not capable of carrying the load to live that life. 


It’s fairly simple actually. 

  1. You have to know exactly what you want 
  2. You have to  work every day towards that.

It’s simple. But I never said it’s easy. 

But that is where it gets less simple.

What if you don’t know what you want?

Well I found it can be done (or at least started) in 1 of 2 ways. 

The first is to “write your obituary.”

What would you want someone to say about you when you died?

Would you want them telling the world you were kind and generous? Would you want them to tell the world you were a great husband and father? Would you want the world to know you were the go to guy when times got tough?

What do you want people saying about you when you die and all that’s left is the legacy you’ve left?

Here’s mine…

Johnny was a lot of things. A great coach. A great entrepreneur. A great friend. A great husband. And above all, he was the great example of what a big dream, a lot of hard work, discipline, consistency and passion can do for someone who wasn’t afraid of failing. By no means was he perfect, but he would give you the shirt off of his back but the whole time bitching at your for needing it and at the same showing you how to get a better one for yourself and outfitting your whole community. 

He had a crude sense of humor and it brought him great joy to make people uncomfortable, but not at their expense. It was to get them used to being uncomfortable and challenging the way they think. He was always curious and wanted to see what would happen when he pushed a button. He would bait you into a trap giving you enough rope to hang yourself then smile with his mischievous grin knowing eventually, maybe 10-20 years down the road you might remember and be like “damn… he was right.” 

He was always the center of attention when he walked into rooms. 

When he way younger, it was his outlandish behavior, big mouth and the reputation that preceded him. As he got older, he was still the center of attention, still outlandish, and still had a big mouth but the reputation had changed. He was no longer the fighter, both in the cage and in the bars, but he man who had the potential to change the trajectory of everyone he met. He wasn’t trying to force anything down your throat but he led by example. He never negotiated his standards. While they were high, they were clearly understood, but he was “not done yet.” He was never finished. 

He was always blissfully dissatisfied. 

Grateful for what he had but not satisfied with where he was.

He will be missed by his wife, children, close friends and family. His last wish was that the impact he made would be carried on by those who knew him and they would honor his wishes by continuing to be blissfully dissatisfied as they continued his relentless effort to Rebuild the American Dream.

If you were able to do that, we’ll talk about how to become that man.  

If you can’t write your eulogy, then here’s another great way to start your journey to becoming the person capable of living the life you want to live. 

Get out a piece of paper and draw 3 even  columns.

On the far left write down everything you don’t like or are dissatisfied about in your life on the left side of the paper.

Your finances, your relationships, your health and fitness, literally anything you can think about in your life. You are dissatisfied with it.

On the right side, write what you want that aspect of your life would need to look like to live the life you want to have. 

If you wrote the obituary/eulogy, then describe who that person is for each of the areas you wrote about. 

Don’t fall into the societal bullshit where you think you have to fuck people over to be successful. It’s the complete opposite but that’s another conversation for a later time…

For example, if you don’t wanna look like an emptied out can of gravy, right out what you want to look like. If you don’t know, exactly, just write the opposite of what you are too satisfied with.

Do that for every point that you wrote on the left.

 In the middle column I want you to write what action you need to take  to make sure you are moving from where you are in the left column to where you want to be in the right.

That’s where most of these “gurus“ fuck up. 

They just tell you. “Write down your goals and visualize all this bullshit and all of a sudden one day it will happen.”

They’re full shit. 

You have to do the work and this way you are able to have a concrete plan on how to shave what you actually want from where you actually are.

Now don’t do every single one of these at once, but find the one that you can knock off the quickest. 

Not the one you want the most, not the one that’s going to make you happiest, I want you to pick the easiest one first and get that win.

From there we can keep stacking wins, and then you can have the life you want to live because you’re capable of living. 

I’ve fucked up SO MANY TIMES trying to change everything all at once. 

Then I failed. 

Felt like shit. 

“Fuck this. And fuck that guy who’s got everything I want. I don’t need that shit. Blah blah blah…”

I started negotiating with myself. 

I was willing to settle for less because it got fucking hard. 

But you know what? 

That’s where the dude who has the life that you want didn’t negotiate when it got hard. 

That’s what separates people. The term “separation season” isn’t between thanksgiving and Christmas. 

It’s every damn day. 

So what does your dream life look like?

What do you need to become to live that life?

What’s the first thing you need to fix to become that person?

Let me know in the email - DayZeroPodcast@gmail.com 

I’ll see how I can help. 

Now let’s go Rebuild the American Dream. 

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