Are you Worthy?

Are you Worthy?

One time… I made a mistake. Haha

Ok well honestly, I’ve made a fuckload of mistakes.

Lied to my friends, cheated on my girlfriends, stole shit, drank too much, got fat, I’ve been inconsistent, let my schedule get away from me and scrambled, got ahead of schedule and then took my foot off the gas, made horrible business decisions, bad bets, hell.

I’ve made decisions that nearly broke me mentally.

But that’s not how I define myself now.

Would you describe me as a fat, cheating drunk who can’t pay his bills because his business is failing?

I would hope not.

But why wouldn’t you?

It’s because it’s not the losses or the mistakes that define us. We aren’t defined by those mistakes, yet a lot of the time, that’s the mindset that holds us back.

We look at these mistakes as our identity.

But that’s not us. These lessons EDUCATE us and hopefully we learn from them, but they are not who we are.

Self worth is something I struggle with, but it’s getting better and it’s made huge improvements in my life.

I am worthy of the love my wife gives me because I’m not the boy I was when I was younger.

I am worthy of all of the nice things I have because I busted my ass to get here.

I am worthy of everything Ive built because I have the calluses, scars, and gray hairs to prove I did the work.

Simple yet effective things I remind myself of each day.

You’re not the mistakes that you made. Those are just lessons that helped make you the man you are today.

(Or woman).. 😉 💪 💃

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