An Overnight Success Takes Time

An Overnight Success Takes Time

2013 - start a business. don’t make enough money to file. 

2014 - don’t make enough money to file. 

2015 - don’t make enough money to file. 

2016 - don’t make enough money to file. 

2017 - $24k loss filed per my accountant gf making me. 

2018 - $11k profit

2019 - $24k profit

2020 - $85k profit switch to S Corp

2021 - I’m not even ready to see what the fuck I have to pay…

That's what an overnight success looks like. 

2,922 nights and counting. 

And I wouldn’t even begin to say I’m successful in the grand scheme of things.  

Yes, I've come a long way. 

Yes I’ve done more that most ever will. 

Yes I make more money than most of the country. 

Yes I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people. 

Yes I’m grateful for all of this. 

No. I’m not even close to where I want to be. 

If you follow me on social media, or you’ve read much of my other stuff I posted, it’s pretty easy to see exactly how I feel about increasing minimum wage living wages, and shit like that.

The problem is, so many people are used to seeing the success stories on social media so they feel they are entitled to the same thing, but there’s a major flaw in this. The problem isn’t what you see, it’s what you’re NOT seeing. 

The story you never hear or see on social media is 2013-2019. The struggle years. 

The years that the only thing you have more of bills is self doubt and thinking you’re alone because ALL YOU FUCKING SEE is mother fuckers with big watched and fancy cars. 

What you rarely see is the struggle. 

Nobody wants to look at the failure on Instagram.

Nobody is commenting on the “new” 16 year old Camry you just bought. 

Nobody wants to show love for the time, commitment and “sacrifices” you’ve made to reach your goal. 

The only people who will be supporting you are your ride or die tribe, or those who have been there. 

The overnight success story is what people hang their hats on when they start a challenging endeavor or especially a business. 

“I’m going to open my business, and start making money immediately! I’ll be able to retire in 7 years!!!”

Ha. Nah mother fucker. Not likely. 

Honestly, I think that’s why so many businesses fail. 

20% in the first year and 30% by the second year. I’m going to say that’s 95% of that is because they weren’t ready for the grind.  

The 50% that fail in 5 years I would say 60% got tired of the grind, and 40% just suck at business. Which I get. It’s fucking hard, and constantly changing. 

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