75 Hard Round 2

75 Hard Round 2

Day 1 July 19th

Today I’m back on 75 hard. 

What is 75 hard?

Is this a weight loss challenge?

How much does it cost?

Is it safe?!?

Why am I doing it (again)?

Well, if you want the full version, check out Andy Frisella’s site…

75 Hard

And the podcast on RealAF Ep. 208. 

Spotify Podcast

Apple Podcasts

Super informative, and I HIGHLY recommend you get the book on it if it’s available. Here’s the link for that…

75 Hard Book

And just to clarify, I get nothing out of sharing this. Honestly, it’s making my life harder, but that’s ok. I’ll explain why I’m doing it later. 

Ok so…. Here goes.

So what is 75 Hard?

Right from Andy’s website…

If you're looking for a new fitness program or challenge, this is not it.
This is a program that can change your life ... starting from the inside.

That’s it. Legitimately, that is it. 

It’s a war against yourself. 

A war against average.

A war against the voice that everyone has in their heads talking them out of being the best version of themselves. 

The inner bitch. 

The gremlin. 

The voice in your head that says “one more donut won’t hurt you”

“This weeks been tough. Skip the gym and grab a beer with your friends, you’ll start back next week.”

“Fuck, it’s hot out. I’ll start running when it gets cool again”

And you never do. 

You have one more donut each day. 

You have a lot of tough weeks and a lot of beers. 

You skip running in the fall because… well it’s cold and dark. 

75 Hard is designed to fix that. 

75 Hard is a war on average. 

Right now, winning is counter culture. 

The stronger, more independent you are, the harder you are to control. 

Listen to his podcasts, go to the website, read the book for more details. 

75 Hard is simple, but not easy. Here are the 5 Critical Tasks you must complete. 

  • Choose a diet and stick to it. NO ALCOHOL OR CHEAT MEALS
  • Drink a gallon of WATER a day 
  • Workout twice a day for 45+ minutes. One must be outside. The 2 workouts must be at least 3 hours apart. 
  • Read 10 pages of non-fiction books that help you improve your life. 
  • Take a daily progress pic. 

That’s it. It’s that fucking simple…

But it’s not easy. 

How much does 75 Hard cost?

Well… honestly, it costs you more if you don’t do it. 

It costs time. 

It costs preparation. 

It may cost you friends and relationships (which is a good thing I’ll address late during 75 Hard)

It is invaluable. 

Honestly, if you don’t do it, it can cost you millions of dollars, years of your life, and can destroy your legacy.

Is it safe?!?

Look around you. 

Is being obese safe?

Is drinking safe?

Is being a candidate for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and counts other diseases safe?

I highly fucking doubt it, but I’m no doctor.

That being said, make sure you talk to your doctor about any kind of physical activity. They have to approve you, yada yada yada…

That’s to keep the lawyers from coming after me and nothing I say is medical advice from here is just anecdotes from what I’ve seen.

If your doctor tells you working out is not a good idea, find a new fucking doctor.

No one is saying you have to run the Boston Marathon or do CrossFit 14 times a week.

If you are completely out of shape, haven’t worked out ever or in a long time, there’s nothing that says you cannot walk 45 minutes twice a day.

What’s hard for you may not be hard for someone else and what’s easy for someone else may be hard for you.

This is about YOUR transformation. 

Now if you’re in shape like myself, and you only walk 45 minutes twice a week that’s not exactly 75 HARD is it?


You’re supposed to challenge yourself, that’s the whole fucking point. 

So in summary, in my non-medical expertise, yes it’s safe. Just make sure your Doctor, who can’t be a fucking moron says it’s safe for you to lose weight, improve your life and health, etc.

So why am I doing it again?

Honestly I fucking need to. Since finishing 75 Hard the last time, I have fell off. 

The 75 Hard accomplishment was more of a “check off” than the transformation I wanted. 

The habits didn’t stick. 

I got fat. 

I got lazy. 

I got complacent. 

and if there’s anything in life that will slowly kill your dreams and goals, it’s complacency. 

I got the results I wanted out of 75 Hard physically. 




More flexible. 

But the mental side just didn’t stick… so I’m doing it again until it becomes second nature. 

Also, I think it’s important that I share this journey with you all. 

All of my staff at the gym who have completed it I’ve really seen amazing results in their life.

Everyone who has ACTUALLY completed it, not bullshit it, has seen amazing results. 

It’s not a challenge, it’s a transformation. 

I’m sharing this with you so hopefully I can at least help change one life.

If I can help change one life, then it’s worth it. All of the time I am “wasting“ writing this, isn’t wasted.

And if I can change one life, and you can change one life, and they can change one life, then we can change the world but that change has to start with someone.. 

That someone is staring back in the mirror right now.

Ok, so now what?

Well, it’s up to you.

You can follow along and watch my journey over the next 75 days which I plan to talk about and a blog every fucking day and a weekly podcast covering the last week. (I’m not 100% on that yet I’ve got to figure it out, but I will). 

You can also play along.

You can start 75 Hard with me. 

Use the resources I posted above, and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up on email


I’m not as big and famous as Andy (yet) so it’s just me replying. 

Wrapping up. 

I really hope you give this a shot and I will 100% tell you it’s going to be hard as fuck.

You’re going to have challenges. 

You’re going to have obstacles

You’re going to have days are you don’t feel like fucking doing anything…

But those are the days that set you apart.

Those are the days when you win the battle with your bitch voice.

Those are the days that separate you from the pack. 

Those are the days that kill complacency. 

Days you win the war within yourself.

Those are the days you fucking win.  

Over the next 75 Days I will log my progress, reflections, frustrations and tips on how to be successful with this. I fully expect to see the transformations I want out of this. The more times I do 75 Hard, the better I get at the things I need to do to become the man I need to be so I can live the life I want to live.

Day 1 starts today.
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