5 Years is up to you

5 Years is up to you

5 Years ago today, my dad and I failed an inspection in my 1,900 square foot gym where I had around 30 members.

Today I passed the inspection in my new location that's over 5000 square feet and around 350 members. Unfortunately my dad isn’t here to see that, but I’m sure he would be proud. Bitching because I don’t listen, but I learned it from the best.

My life has changed an incredible amount since the first gym on my own.

I’ve gotten married, bought 2 houses, 2 new cars, and I am responsible for the well being of 14 employees. For many of them, I am the sole source of income.

The man who started the gym in 2017 was not capable of running the empire I am building today, but at that time, it was the best he ever was.

As I sit here today, I am the worst I will ever be.

I look at the things I do now vs. the things I did then and it blows my mind.

How the hell did I make it?!?

Well… I was doing the best I could at that time, and fortunately for me that was good enough… for then.

Each day I work towards being better. I try to make decisions each day that would make the man I want to be proud.

I ask myself “What would Johnny Buck, 2023 do?”

And that’s the choice I make.

Often it's hard to see the progress day to day, and when you feel like you’re going nowhere.


Stop for just one second and look back to where you were 5 years ago.

If you’ve been doing the right things, you’re moving in the right direction and you’ve moved miles.

If not, it's not too late to start now because the progress you can make is unbelievable and trust me…

5 years isn't that long.
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